One Million, Million-Dollar Babies

Working to Facilitate a Trillion-Dollar Transfer of Wealth into the Black Community

A National Call to Build and
Transfer Black Wealth

Creating Sustainable
Economic Impact

The Black Wealth Alliance (BWA) consists of some of the country’s top thought leaders on wealth building and economic development. The mission of the BWA is to create the world’s largest strategic alliance of individuals and organizations committed to providing the education, training and tools for building and sustaining inter-generational wealth in the black community.



Secure Your
Financial Future

Through strategic alliances with leading organizations such First Financial Security, Inc. and top rated insurance carriers such as National Life Group and American National, the Black Wealth Alliance helps families and business owners build wealth and achieve financial security through various insurance products and annuities.

Delivering Industry Leading

Wealth and
Financial Literacy Training

Through The M.O.S.E.S. Movement and LiSA Initiative, you have access to world class financial literacy and wealth building training covering a wide range of topics including developing millionaire success habits; accelerated debt reduction; real estate and stock market investing; entrepreneurship; strategies for generating passive and residual and much more!

Through the LiSA Initiative, you also have the opportunity to become a Certified Financial Educator through the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC).