One Million, Million-Dollar Babies

Working to Create a Trillion-Dollar Wealth Transfer into the Black Community
A National Call to Build and Transfer Black Wealth

Our Vision

Proverbs 13:22

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.
Although many of us in the black community understand the importance of serving and representing a generational God, we often lack the education and tools to actually create and transfer generational wealth. Black Wealth Alliance is an army of seasoned, principled and savvy business leaders committed to creating and transferring wealth in the black community. The battle that we are fighting is a spiritual, moral and financial one.

Our enemies are poverty, income disparity and a lack of generational wealth in the black community. In partnership with the LiSA Initiative and The M.O.S.E.S. Movement sponsored by First Financial Security, Inc., Black Wealth Alliance is issuing a national call to action for African-Americans and other members of the African Diaspora to create and transfer wealth to their children’s children for mere pennies on the dollar. The time is NOW. The tools are LiSA and M.O.S.E.S. The choice is YOURS. Will you join us in this wealth revolution?
The World’s Largest Strategic Alliance

Our Mission

The mission of the BWA is to create the world’s largest strategic alliance of individuals and organizations committed to providing the education, training and tools for building and sustaining inter-generational wealth in the black community. We will accomplish our mission by combining the unique strengths of our founding partners, utilizing the talents of world class financial and insurance professionals and leveraging strategic relationships and programs, such as LiSA Initiative and The M.O.S.E.S. Movement.

Our mission will be accomplished when every black person has the education, tools and plan in place to leave an inheritance for his or her children’s children.

BWA Leadership Team

The BWA Founding Partners are highly respected industry leaders with nearly two centuries of combined corporate and entrepreneurial experience and extensive networks reaching over 10 million people.
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Founding Partner

Dr. George C. Fraser

Chairman and CEO
FraserNet, Inc.
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Founding Partner

Shirley Johnson

Founder and CEO
ELITE100 Wealth Builders
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Founding Partner

Dr. Jennifer B. Jones

President and CEO
HOCS Strategic Business Solutions
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Founding Partner

Marlon C. Smith

International Keynote Speaker
Success By Choice, Inc.
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Founding Partner

Gloria Goins

Founder and President, Brilliant Ideas, LLC
President, The Goins Financial Group
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Founding Partner

William R. Patterson

Chairman and CEO
The Baron Solution Group
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Chief Operating Officer

Prince Goins

The Goins Financial Group


The Time is Now!

“Let us do something while we have a chance…At this place, at this moment in time. We will rebuild our community, we will rebuild our financial lives responsibly and we will rebuild the people that we love.“