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The MOSES Movement financial success program includes 12 months of premier online wealth education designed to enlighten, motivate and keep you accountable to financial best practices.

Register now and receive 12 months of live online training on the topics below and your 60-page financial success workbook from international best-selling author and top Wealth Coach William R. Patterson.

12 Months of Financial Training to Help You Build Wealth and Achieve Your Financial Goals Faster

Lesson #1

Adopting Millionaire Success Habits

Lesson #2

Increasing Your Financial Literacy

Lesson #3

Living Debt Free

Lesson #4

Show Me the Money!

Lesson #5

Increasing Your Income

Lesson #6

Reaching Your Investment Goals

Lesson #7

Building Wealth with Real Estate

Lesson #8

Wealth Through Entrepreneurship (Part I)

Lesson #9

Wealth Through Entrepreneurship (Part II)

Lesson #10

Preserving Your Wealth

Lesson #11

Setting Your Child Up to Be a Millionaire

Lesson #12

The Joy and Benefits of Giving